Collect and Mine Data
From All Your Connected Industrial Equipment

KYBIO Industries

By 2020, nearly 20.8 billion* devices will be connected and able to communicate via the internet. What does this mean? That practically every aspect of our environment will be sharing or exchanging data which can be monitored over IP networks. That is where KYBIO Industries steps in as the new generation of Infrastructure Monitoring platform to oversee the real-time status and performance of smart devices, buildings, and ecosystems. 

See how KYBIO solves a range of challenges for the industry of tomorrow

*Source: Gartner, Inc.

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How Does It Work?

With the growing number of connected devices and machines, industrials are faced with a massive amount of data requiring comprehensive analysis and interpretation. KYBIO Industries  is a powerful monitoring and operation support software which gives industrials the power to capture and mine this data to improve the efficiency of their operations. Highly scalable and built with a unique combination of modules, it oversees your entire ecosystem regardless of its size, complexity, or location. 

  • Centralizes data from machines and devices onto a single web interface
  • Improves team collaboration and insight sharing across all functions thanks to its monitoring platform
  • Leverages data to generate comprehensive, visual insights and reports
  • Enables proactive actions to secure maximal equipment performance
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Benefits of KYBIO Industries
Your End-to-End Infrastructure Monitoring Platform

WorldCast Connect Manager Protect investments


● Events and incidents tracking

● Helps with root-cause analysis

●Time-based correllation and advanced reporting

● Enhances equipment uptime

WorldCast Connect Manager Modular & Agil


● Unifies the management and monitoring of your end-to-end operations

● Real-time alarms & notifications for immediate response

● Mobile for on-the-field team efficiency

WorldCast Connect Manager Save times

Scale &

● Scales from 25 to thousands of devices and machines

● API, enabling plug-in to any third-party or in-house solution

● Works with various communication protocols

● Grid architecture powered by EdgeBots

WorldCast Connect Manager Save times

Protects Your

● Optimizes device and machine usage

● Insight driven decision making

● Improves total cost of ownership of your equipment

Powerful Modules To Oversee Your End-to-End Operations

With KYBIO Industries, solve the challenges of monitoring and optimizing your operations.