Proactive maintenance and operational efficiency

Smart Factories

By providing real-time and historical data, KYBIO provides operational insights which facilitate the proactive maintenance of your business' critical equipment. It improves the efficiency of your technical teams with accurate tracking of incident causes and resolution. 

Optimizing large utility operations 

Energy & Utilities

Thanks to KYBIO's unique Grid Architecture overseeing entire energy and utility production and distribution infrastructures, operators benefit from optimized data aggregation and analysis. They can rapidly identify service disruption and coordinate the appropriate resolution.

Federate all your environmental sensors

Smart Buildings

KYBIO centralizes all the connected sensors (lighting, temperature, air cooling...) in your smart building to deliver advanced reports resulting in data-driven decisions to drive cost savings and limit environmental impact. 

Overseeing all agriculture machinery, vehicules, and meteorology probes

Agriculture 4.0

The unifed and centralized platform offered by KYBIO enables operators to oversee the entire operations of their "smart" farms. Real-time alarms, equipment monitoring, and advanced analytics provide insights for optimizing operations and natural resources.

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