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We build centralized end-to-end monitoring solutions that transform how you oversee all your connected devices, facilities, and infrastructures, regardless of size, complexity or location.

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End-to-End Monitoring Solutions That Transform How You Oversee Networks and Infrastructures

Do you operate large networks and infrastructures with a complex technical ecosystem of connected equipment? 
Whether you're managing broadcast devices,  smart buildings or industrial equipment across one or multiple sites Connect has engineered a new generation of monitoring software that can help you address your key challenges and provide actionable insights. 

We design our platforms with a constant focus on simplicity, accuracy, relevance, and total cost of ownership for our customers. Enhanced with operation support modules, our award-winning solutions oversee and centralize onto a single web interface all aspects of your connected facilities and technical equipment, regardless of the vendor.

Highly scalable, our monitoring solutions enable you to c
apture the infinite quantity of data generated by your connected devices, aggregate it, and break it down into comprehensible, useful information with multiple operational and strategic benefits.


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Catering to the needs of Media and Broadcast, covering TV, radio, satellite, cable, and Telco Industries, the KYBIO Media Monitoring & Control platform (M&C) guarantees the centralized and unified end-to-end monitoring of all your IP-connected networks, facilities, and devices.

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KYBIO Industries

KYBIO Industries connects to the latest technology. This monitoring platform meets the needs of customers in the advanced field of Industrial IoT, from smart buildings to power plants, distribution infrastructures and connected factories.

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We have been running CONNECT’s network monitoring software since October 2017 and can honestly testify it addresses all our needs and requirements in terms of monitoring, alerting and incident tracking. It oversees key devices within six of our primary sites.

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Atanas Genov
CEO “Radio 1” Ltd

For our environment, we needed a flexible and scalable solution for monitoring. CONNECT has appeared as the ideal tool because it allows us to supervise our entire ecosystem both on the hardware side and on the quality control side of the TV and Radio streams. Scalable, easy to use and very reactive, it is a real comfort in everyday life.

WorldCast Connect Radio 1 bulgaria testimonial

David Grimal
Technical Delivery Manager “NextRadioTV”

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