Simple, Powerful, Scalable Monitoring Platform

KYBIO is a centralized end-to-end monitoring and control software that transforms how you oversee all your IP connected devices, facilities, and infrastructures.


Between now and Dec 31st 2021, the Kybio perpetual On-Premise license for up to 25 devices is FREE!  Learn more here

Our Product

KYBIO, The End-to-End Monitoring Software
That Transforms How You Oversee Networks and Infrastructures

Do you operate large networks and infrastructures with a complex technical ecosystem of connected equipment? 

Whether you're managing media infrastructures (OTT, satellite, cable, telco), broadcast devices,  smart industries, or digitized healthcare organizations, CONNECT has engineered a new generation of monitoring software that can help you address your key challenges and provide actionable insights. 

We design our platform, KYBIO, with a constant focus on simplicity, accuracy, relevance, and total cost of ownership for our customers. Enhanced with operation support modules, our award-winning monitoring software oversees and centralizes onto a single web interface all aspects of your connected facilities and equipment, regardless of the vendor.

Highly scalable, this powerful monitoring and management tool enables you to capture the infinite quantity of data generated by your connected devices, aggregate it, and break it down into comprehensible, useful information with multiple operational and strategic benefits. 

KYBIO is available as a cloud-based SaaS or On-Premise license.

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The Company

We are a global provider of Monitoring & Control (M&C) software for media, broadcast, healthcare, and smart industries. Our product, KYBIO, is trusted by leading industry players to oversee their entire ecosystem of connected devices, improve workflow, and benefit from data driven insights.  

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To grow and continue offering the best service to customers worldwide, we are on the constant lookout for technology partners, white label, and direct distributors. Join our Global Partner Alliance today to introduce this award-winning Monitoring & Control platform to your customers.

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