What is the WorldCast Manager

The WorldCast Manager software is a Network Monitoring Solution (NMS) and Operation Support System (OSS) providing a user-friendly, centralized and unified web interface to better monitor and manage all connected equipment across any network or facility, even the most complex ones.

By providing real operational insights and granular data analysis, the WorldCast Manager empowers its customers in the Broadcast, Networks, and Connected Industries with lower total cost of ownership, better service quality, and easier predictive maintenance of their equipment.

A new era of Network Monitoring

WorldCast Connect enables Network Managers & Operators to oversee all their equipment within their infrastructure - whether it is a Broadcast, Cable, Satellite or Telecom network.

Leading Radio & TV Channels, Broadcast & Telecom Operators as well as Cable & Satellite players have already chosen the WorldCast Manager platform for their day-to-day monitoring and reporting. The WorldCast Manager solution brings all the required modules within one centralized interface and drastically optimize the monitoring and maintenance operations thanks to its advanced yet user-friendly functionalities. 

The WorldCast Manager Network Monitoring Solution (NMS) is a truly effective and multi-faceted platform. From Senior Management to Field Operators, all of its users are always just a few clicks away from insightful data that is essential to their decisions and daily assignments.

Welcome to a new era of Network Monitoring & Equipment Management.

Ubiquitous monitoring for Connected Industries

WorldCast Connect enables Manufacturers & Industrials to oversee all their connected equipment within their sites or facilities.

Whether it is within a specific production unit, at a full plant scale or even within an entire distribution network (regionally, nationally and beyond), WorldCast Connect provides data-driven insights facilitating decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Leveraging the WorldCast Manager software platform, worldwide leaders within the Automotive, Transportation, Industrial IoT and the Energy & Utility sectors are ubiquitously monitoring and managing their equipment.

Via standard IP protocols over LAN,  WAN, Cellular & Low-Power Networks (LPWAN), the WorldCast Manager automatically collects and processes the data from all connected devices (energy & utility meters, production machinery, etc.). It provides access to real-time and historical data about all these devices to help anticipate issues via predictive maintenance analysis and enables the overall optimization of their usage.