In support of media and broadcast companies in the context of Covid-19, all SaaS licenses are FREE of charge for your first 3 months.
This offer expires June 30th, so hurry and subscribe for free access to the KYBIO platform.


SaaS & On-Premise Offerings

You can benefit from KYBIO Media across our new cloud-based SaaS offering to monitor up to 100 devices. This SaaS solution is designed to offer you maximum flexibility and the comfort of outsourcing a turnkey service to us.  

With the ongoing FREE 3-month subscription, you will have access to all of KYBIO’s functions while the platform hosting, administration, and general maintenance are handled directly by our team. You will also have access to KYBIO’s extensive list of drivers (see list below) and thanks to its APIs, it can easily be deployed into your existing ecosystem for immediate access to a complete set of powerful monitoring, management and control modules.

To oversee larger Enterprise level ecosystems or if you are looking for complete customization
and additional services, then contact us for the On-Premise solution.

You can upgrade your license at any time. To do so, contact our team.

Kybio Media Pricing SaaS


Setup fees +
FREE 650€/$ / month


  • Monitoring up to 25 devices
  • All drivers from our library
  • Up to 1 EdgeBot
  • Cloud hosting
  • Standard Support

Startup services cost: FREE  1000 EUR/USD


Setup fees +
FREE 1100€/$ / month


  • Monitoring up to 50 devices
  • All drivers from our library 
  • Up to 2 EdgeBots
  • Cloud hosting
  • Standard Support


Setup fees +
FREE 1850€/$ / month


  • Monitoring up to 100 devices
  • All drivers from our library 
  • Up to 4 EdgeBots
  • Cloud hosting
  • Standard Support

Perpetual License

on Project


  • Monitors any number of devices
  • All drivers from our library
  • Unlimited number of EdgeBots
  • Cloud, hybrid or on-premise hosting
  • Choice of Premium or Standard Support

Your Data Is
​​​​​​Safe With KYBIO

Data Security

Your KYBIO Media will be hosted on a dedicated cloud instance managed by the CONNECT team. We will:

  • Configure a secure Linux server with KYBIO Media installed
  • Perform regular operating system updates and KYBIO Media updates
  • Create daily backups of your monitoring data
  • Ensure that the KYBIO Media instance runs smoothly

Access to the KYBIO Media web interface will always be made with a secured HTTPS connection.

Your devices can be directly monitored from the KYBIO Media instance if your devices are publicly available on the internet. But for most scenarios this will not be the case. This is where EdgeBots step in...

Kybio Saas Data security


Depending on your network topology, the KYBIO Media platform can be deployed in a centralized architecture as well as a decentralized Grid Architecture powered by EdgeBots. 

EdgeBots are software-only agents which run from any hardware or virtual host and that provide advanced local monitoring and management capabilities. They enable local data aggregation and processing for increased communication efficiency and maximal security against data loss during communication disruption between sites.

EdgeBots are the solution:

  • If you want to monitor your local network
  • If you want to monitor systems in a secure network and you need a secure connection between the KYBIO Media server and this network
  • If you have multiple sites to monitor and these sites are not directly connected to each other EdgeBots are designed to capture and process local data, and transfer it to KYBIO Media's core server in a secured (TLS encryption) and optimized (intelligent data sharing) way.
WorldCast Connect  Kybio Media Edge bots


Access an Extensive
Library of Drivers


Our policy is to share our library of drivers to all KYBIO users.
Over the past years we've compiled hundreds of drivers that are compatible with an important number of equipment from various brands.
If you don't find the driver you need, contact us or create your own driver directly on the platform.


Which Offer Best Meets Your Needs?


To make the best choice that best fits your needs, please read our
Offers Overview below for details on the SaaS offering vs the On-Premise offer.