Oversee your OTT, IPTV, broadcast, satellite, cable, and telco networks with the unified KYBIO Media, an open and extensible Monitoring and Control (M&C / NMS) software empowering businesses with real-time monitoring and data-driven insights. We bring you a solution to ensure operational continuity across your end-to-end value chain from media acquisition, production, and distribution in an increasingly digital and IP-environment.​​​​​​
KYBIO Media guarantees the centralized end-to-end monitoring of all your IP-connected devices, facilities, and networks. Highly scalable and built with a unique combination of modules, it oversees your entire ecosystem regardless of its size, complexity, or location.

  • Collects and centralizes data from multiple equipment and locations
  • Oversees operations and its connected devices 
  • Transforms data into comprehensible, visual insights and reports
  • Enables automated and user-driven device control
  • Facilitates strategic and operational data-driven decisions with advanced analytics.

It can be installed on any physical or virtual host that matches our specifications. It can be run on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. 


CONNECT Kybio Media for Radio, TV, satellite,telco


One M&C Software: Multiple Media Applications

Video and audio production 

KYBIO Media enables you to oversee in real-time the status and usage of your video and audio production equipment, from content acquisition to post-production.


Content distribution & transmission (OTT, IPTV, satellite, cable...)

Whichever your distribution path, the KYBIO Media's unified monitoring capabilities allow you to manage all the components in your distribution and transmission workflows terrestrial, satellite, cable, and OTT/VOD. 

All-IP operations

KYBIO Media brings you the toolset to ensure your operations are safely migrated over IP-based equipment and delivers performance reports so that you get the best from your IP-equipment. 

Control room ecosystem

By centralizing data from all your critical MCR and PCR gear, KYBIO Media M&C gives you insights into the optimal, interconnected functioning of your equipment.

Monitoring radio & TV broadcasting

Whether it’s to monitor a small local studio or large scale monitoring of hundreds of A/V equipment, KYBIO offers real-time monitoring, alarms and notifications, to help you ensure your equipment is functioning at its best so you stay On-Air! 

Oversee antenna switch management

KYBIO can be installed at antenna sites for monitoring and control of various connected devices and switches. It interconnects with switch controllers, providing a data archive and supporting public displays of antenna system status and data.

Why customers have chosen Kybio Media?

Why customers have choosen Kybio?



ams– Radio and MediaSolutions relies on WorldCast Manager

ams – Radio and MediaSolutions (Germany)

ams– Radio and MediaSolutions relies on KYBIO Media (previously known as WorldCast Manager) for advanced monitoring of radio broadcast equipment.
KYBIO Media improves workflow and simplifies monitoring for the entire team at ams.

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Sutro Tower Inc. oversees RF infrastructure with Kybio

Sutro Tower Inc – oversees RF infrastructure with Kybio

In the context of the US Television repack program in 2019, Sutro Tower turned once again to CONNECT for an expansion and upgrade to the Kybio software. Kybio, a vendor-agnostic, open and centralized Monitoring & Control platform empowering businesses with real-time supervision of even the most complex ecosystems.

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KYBIO for IPTV head-end
Improves & simplifies the monitoring of content streaming workflow

IPTV services are highly popular for streaming content, whether it’s for home viewing or on a smartphone. Although there are many IPTV providers with similar or totally different content, they share one main objective: deliver the best quality of signal to their audience, across their several diffusion vectors.

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Monitor your entire media ecosystem

with KYBIO Media.