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The medical industry is moving forward with digital transformation and the adoption of innovative healthcare technologies. Increasingly "smart hospitals", or modern hospitals, require a powerful, reliable and cutting-edge ICT infrastructure composed of many hardware devices and software solutions - all connected to internal private networks as well as datacenters, cloud infrastructure as well as remote healthcare organizations.

To ensure optimal operation of your healthcare institute, your teams, and to efficiently oversee the growing number of IP-connected devices a reliable and powerful monitoring software is necessary. KYBIO Healthcare provides you with an umbrella monitoring tool which enables access to real-time feedback on equipment status, alarms and notifications, and other critical information necessary to keep patients safe and your hospital network in optimal operating condition.

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The digitization of Healthcare & its stakes

Risk management

Risk management is fundamental in medical organizations and with digitization, new techology are being deployed to protect patients, patient data, and healthcare staff. This includes biometrics, electronic control access, visitor management software, IoMT, RFID tracking, and more. With this progress comes challenges such as protection from cyber attacks. A robust, secure, and reliable monitoring tool compatible with the medical ecosystem is crucial to maintain patient and staff safety and confidentiality. 

Monitor smart new devices

We are seeing huge technology advancements in healthcare such as more  connected equipment, IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) such as wearables, and increasingly, virtual care. These innovations, a combination of healthcare devices and software, require a modern monitoring solution capable of reporting, aggregating, storing, analyzing and transforming that data into useable insights. 

Improve workflow & communication efficiency

A huge number of IP-connected devices are becoming available which improve operational efficiency and reduce the costs of healthcare organizations. Telemedicine, virtual care, RFID tracking, intercom, video walls are among some examples. A monitoring platform which centralizes that information and offers a host of powerful modules such as operation support and remote control actions, all support seamless operational workflow and higher team efficiency.

Increase infrastructure performance

A growing number of devices (video, HD imaging) and IoMT connected to the hospital network require bandwidth management, especially when zero latency is needed for real-time applications, as well as data storage. These on-premise or cloud assets require the right monitoring tool to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Power optimization & OPEX savings

Healthcare organizations are power-intensive. A better optimization of their equipment usage and infrastructure can generate important OPEX savings. The right monitoring tool will enable proactive, data driven decision making, and overall improve the Total Cost of Ownership of their IP operations.

Modern Hospitals
Require Powerful & Reliable Monitoring

Medical Ecosystems

Medical Ecosystem

Building Infrastructure

Building Infrastructures

Benefits of KYBIO Healthcare

Prevent failures or critical incidents

Prevent failures or critical incidents

  • Real-time alarms & notifications for immediate response
  • Enables tracking of events and incidents
  • Helps with root-cause analysis
  • Time-based correlation and advanced reporting
Unified, view umbrella

Unified view, Umbrella platform

  • Unifies the monitoring of your entire infrastructure across a single web platform
  • Offers a number of powerful modules enabling monitoring, operation support, and control.
Scalable  and  fast to deploy

Cyber resilience

  • Scales from 25 to thousands of devices and machines
  • Flexible open driver policy
  • Works with various communication protocols
  • Auto-configuration engine for fast deployment
Improve productivity & efficiency

Improve productivity & efficiency

  • Enables proactive decision making based on data analytics and comprehensive reports
  • Ticket management, assignments & event resolution tracking
  • Optimizes device and machine usage


Powerful Modules To Oversee Your ICT infrastructure

The Right Monitoring Software

For Digitalized Medical Institutes.