Need an on-premise NMS for your media ecosystem?

Limited-Time Offer
Between now and Dec 31st, the Kybio perpetual On-Premise license for up to 25 devices is FREE! 


KYBIO is a vendor-agnostic and open end-to-end monitoring and control (M&C) software that transforms how media and broadcast companies oversee their connected infrastructures and devices. This simple yet powerful platform helps them meet their critical challenges of ensuring operational continuity and efficiency across the entire value chain, from media acquisition, production, and down to distribution in an increasingly digital and IP-based environment. 

Across KYBIO’s unified and intuitive web interface, users have access to a unique combination of modules for real-time supervision, management, and control their entire infrastructure, no matter how large or complex it may be. 


With Kybio, users are empowered with a simpler, more efficient tool to oversee their media infrastructure and improve the service quality and total cost of ownership of their IP-enabled equipment and facilities. 

Key Benefits

Easy to operate, KYBIO offers an intuitive web interface that simplifies monitoring of even the most complex infrastructures (easy to understand for all users / reduces costs associated with learning curve / customized, dynamic dashboards for easy visualization of network status)
Fast and simple deployment, KYBIO can be up and running in just hours or days: auto configuration engine; easy integration with the customer’s existing infrastructure (vendor-agnostic, API’s)
Open, hybrid architecture offers scalability and agility (script, EdgeBots, cloud or on-premise architecture) 
Full control over Total Cost of Ownership thanks to KYBIO’s drivers and license policy
Provides key insights thanks to KYBIO’s powerful analytics and reporting engine  


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