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Kybio is a network management system for media and broadcast. It is designed to simplify and unify the supervision of even the most complex media ecosystem. It is an open, powerful, and highly user-friendly platform that provides an optimal combination of built-in modules for real-time monitoring, OSS, control, and reporting.


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Benefits of your Free Trial

A fully dedicated Kybio

 Benefit from a fully dedicated Kybio for 1 month to start monitoring and control of your media infrastructure. This free trial includes all of Kybio's advanced features. 

Monitor all your locations

The free trial offers 5 Edgebots, our local software agent, for you to start the decentralized monitoring of any cloud network. 

Up to 100 devices

Kybio comes with a large drivers' library to communicate with your devices. SNMP, API, WMI and more are available to monitor a huge variety of vendors. With the free trial, up to 100 devices can be connected and monitored with Kybio.

Kybio will make a difference

Visualize all vital data on a single screen

  • Collect and centralize all data from your media network, build outstanding dashboards, and visualize everything across a single web display. 

Process and understand your data for optimal business operations

  • An embedded analytics engine provides real-time information on network issues, with an advanced notification system and root-cause analysis troubleshooting.

Scalable to your needs

  • Kybio has been designed to fit in any network infrastructure to make your monitoring easy. Edgebots also bring the capability to create distributed architectures for even more sophisticated monitoring.