A quarter of a century has passed since the UN general assembly first declared 21 November World Television Day, so we may well ask what’s changed?

For Nicolas Boulay, co-president, Worldcast Group, television has transcended the traditional ‘boundaries’ of the lounge. “When we talk about television it’s impossible to ignore that we are now referring to multiple screens. With OTT platforms, streaming and mobile devices, ‘television’ has expanded far beyond a box in the living room. Television is now an entertainment experience. The act of content consumption is ubiquitous, yet also much more personalised.

“Despite this change, linear TV is still a very important channel for advertisers to reach audiences. Of course, brand leaders see the value in spending time developing personalised ads; and after this step of creation, it’s obviously crucial to deliver the right message at the right time. To ensure this, it is important to make the right choices regarding infrastructure and technology. It’s challenging and highly complex, given the number of screens and delivery methods, but solutions exist that can help make those decisions easier; and in parallel ensure that more personal and entertaining advertising are delivered correctly.”