CONNECT ramps up its NMS SaaS offer with a new cloud-powered solution


November 2021 - In April 2020, a new licensing offer became available to Kybio users with the launch of its SaaS solution for network monitoring. Today, just 20 months later, WorldCast CONNECT is proud to announce a major update to Kybio’s SaaS-hosted platform.

After a rigorous benchmark of technologies to best meet CONNECT’s need for more scale and performance, its SaaS version of Kybio, is now powered by Kubernetes, the standard container orchestrator for cloud. “Using Kubernetes technology radically changes the way our team and engineers work on the SaaS offer. It also adds significant added-value for our customers in media and broadcast, especially by speeding up the time of deployment”, says Julien Libeau, Kybio Product Manager at WorldCast CONNECT, “They can literally have Kybio up and running in less than 10 minutes.”

This new cloud-hosting solution brings to Kybio the ability to scale on growth while ensuring high reliability for cloud deployments worldwide. Based on Kubernetes, the architecture provides the correct amount of compute power needed for each customer, depending on usage and licence size.

Leveraging cloud and on-premise monitoring for high scalability
EdgeBots, the in-house local software agents for Kybio’s remote monitoring, played a major role in the deployment of this new cloud infrastructure. They bring the ability to combine on-premise remote monitoring with a full cloud environment. The Kybio cloud offer is intended to be used in a decentralized network. By connecting EdgeBots with their remote network, users  are quickly and securely connected to Kybio SaaS,  offering high scalability for large network infrastructures.

With the transition to cloud and the decentralized architecturing with EdgeBots, Kybio users now benefit from a scalable, effortless, and highly reliable cloud-based monitoring system.

1-month trial version
With this new Kybio release, users have the opportunity to test Kybio SaaS with a free trial license. For 1 month, they have access to this NMS license with 100 units and 5 EdgeBots. 

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Press contact: Chantal Fourgeaud, Director of Marketing Communications