One Powerful NMS. Multiple Applications.

Vantage Monitoring

With Kybio, users can view Vantage domains as a whole and monitor the individual components and services essential for operation.




Cloud Monitoring

Kybio's NMS capabilities can also be extended into the cloud allowing monitoring of a wide range of components to ensure a system is fully available. This will help mitigate issues like running out of storage, credits, or network and infrastructure failures.




Remote Monitoring

At a time when there are fewer technical people on site or in the office, Kybio gives a simple way for engineers to monitor system status, wherever that might be.

At remote sites Kybio Edgebots can be used to aggregate data from the local system and report alarm situations back to users at any location. Full system data can be synchronised to allow further analysis if required.




Hit the ground running (or monitoring!) with your
Kybio NMS cloud platform


Kybio is available directly in the cloud. With this solution you would have a Kybio server running in the cloud that for you to feed in data with EdgeBots wherever you'd like in the world. Very easy to use, the SaaS license of Kybio is the same solution as provided on-premise but with the WorldCast CONNECT team handling all server configuration and maintenance - giving you the ability to access to the full suite of Kybio's powerful user modules.

The SaaS offer is intended to be used in a decentralised network. Connect EdgeBots from your remote network and you are ready to go making the SaaS offer highly scalable to use with a large network infrastructure so you can benefit from a cloud-based, scalable, effortless and performant monitoring system build on a highly reliable decentralised architecture;


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