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These days things move fast, needs change quickly and we understand that. That's why our team of experts is constantly listening to the market and your needs, to offer you the best solution.

A number of new demos have been prepared to show you the extent of Kybio's capabilities and ease of use for different appplications. 

Here is a sneak peek of what Kybio looks like! Request a free demo with one of our experts to learn more about it. 


Demo 1 - Decentralized Monitoring of Services


How can you monitor worldwide services?

The way media is used has evolved over recent years, with radio and TV content now being watched online. It is therefore necessary to monitor services at a global level to ensure quality of service from all locations.

Monitoring therefore needs to be thought differently: Kybio can be built in a decentralized monitoring architecture to address this new market need.

In this demo, one of our experts will demonstrate how Kybio can monitor the NAB show website from multiple locations across the globe!


Demo 2 - Hierarchical Monitoring for your Infrastructure


How to optimally monitor large and complex networks?

We have completed our offer with a new capability designed to connect several Kybio's to one another. This function meets the needs of large corporations to have a high level view of their entire ecosystem of Kybio's.

Each local infrastructure can be fully independent while using their Kybio, and now headquarters can also use a global Kybio as an umbrella system over all sites.

This new demo is based on a US customer application, providing a global overview and a local view of their equipment.


Demo 3 - Visualize all driver data in one location


Discover the new 4.6 version of Kybio

The new version of Kybio offers multiple enhancements around the driver engine. 

One of the significant evolutions is the creation of the new product page where users can access detailed information on each driver.

Have a peek at this last demo, to dive into the new product page and find out how easy it is to use this new feature. 


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