FutureSPORT, sponsored by Panasonic Connect, will take place at Lord's Cricket Ground in London on Tuesday 15 November 2022. 

The forward-looking conference and networking event will focus on how sports media will be produced, distributed and consumed in the coming months and years, covering a range of subjects including the metaverse, creating content for mobile, media connectivity, AI, MAM and more.

We will be present to give you insights and ready to debate on the hottest topics in sports production and broadcasting.

Kybio, the ideal NMS to oversee your live sports broadcast.


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10 Tips for Sucessful NMS

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Over the years we have learned some lessons that could be helpful to you. In this solution brief, we have compiled for you all the important points to consider for a successful deployment and thus arrive at the best fit for your own individual use cases. 

Live Sports Monitoring

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There have been several important changes in recent years that have raised the criticality of effective monitoring and managing of these networks.

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