Your Data Is ​​​​​​Safe With KYBIO

Operating a large & complex network?  

Depending on your network topology, the KYBIO platform can be deployed in a centralized architecture as well as a decentralized Grid Architecture powered by EdgeBots. 

EdgeBots are software-only agents which run from any hardware or virtual host and that provide advanced local monitoring and management capabilities. They enable local data aggregation and processing for increased communication efficiency and maximal security against data loss during communication disruption between sites.

Are EdgeBots for you?

  • You want to monitor your local network
  • You want to monitor systems in a secure network and you need a secure connection between the KYBIO server and this network
  • You have multiple sites to monitor and these sites are not directly connected to each other EdgeBots are designed to capture and process local data, and transfer it to KYBIO's core server in a secured (TLS encryption) and optimized (intelligent data sharing) way.

How do EdgeBots work? 

  • A remote EdgeBot retrieves and stores data, then sends them to KYBIO to be synchronized, and in the case of a connection loss with KYBIO, the EdgeBots store all data locally until the connection is reestablished.
  • The connection between an EdgeBot and the KYBIO server is a Secure WebSocket (WSS) connection. It is initiated by the EdgeBot and is secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS). This means that the data sent back and forth between the KYBIO Media server and the EdgeBot is not readable to someone capturing data packets. No additional modification in your firewall configuration is needed.
  • There is also no need to configure a VPN connection between the EdgeBot and KYBIO, all data goes through the Secure WebSocket (WSS) connection between the EdgeBot and the KYBIO server.
WorldCast Connect  Kybio Media Edge bots

Tus datos están Seguros con KYBIO

Seguridad de datos

Tu KYBIO Media se alojará en una instancia de nube dedicada administrada por el equipo de CONNECT. Lo que haremos:

  • Configurar un servidor Linux seguro con KYBIO Media instalado

  • Realizar actualizaciones periódicas del sistema operativo y actualizaciones de KYBIO Media

  • Crear copias de seguridad diarias de tus datos de monitoreo

  • Asegúrese de que la instancia de KYBIO Media se ejecute sin problemas

El acceso a la interfaz web de KYBIO Media siempre se realizará con una conexión HTTPS segura. Tus dispositivos se pueden monitorear directamente desde la instancia de KYBIO Media si tus dispositivos están disponibles públicamente en Internet. Pero para la mayoría de los escenarios, este no será el caso. Aquí es donde EdgeBots interviene ...

Kybio Saas Data security

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