A Local Software Probe


A complex media network needs to be monitored efficiently regardless of the network topology or remote sites. Kybio is scalable and efficient within any network infrastructures of all sizes and complexity, thanks to EdgeBots.

EdgeBots are software agents available on Windows, Mac, and Linux that provide advanced local monitoring and management capabilities. They enable local data aggregation and processing for increased communication efficiency and maximal security against data loss during communication disruption between sites.

EdgeBots are the solution against difficult and time-consuming firewall configuration, used on remote locations it provides a secure and easy to install solution for a unified monitoring solution across all your sites.

How Does It Work?

A remote EdgeBot retrieves and stores metrics, and locally evaluates alarm conditions. Only alarm 'starts' and 'ends' are sent to Kybio to be synchronized, reducing dramatically the amount of data to be exchanged.

The connection between an EdgeBot and the KYBIO server is a Secure WebSocket (WSS) connection. It is initiated by the EdgeBot and is secured using industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS). This means that the data sent back and forth between the KYBIO server and the EdgeBot is not readable to someone capturing data packets. No additional modification in your firewall configuration is needed.

There is also no need to configure a VPN connection between the EdgeBot and KYBIO, all data goes through the Secure WebSocket (WSS) connection between the EdgeBot and the KYBIO server.

Edgebots and Kybio



No open ports on remote networks

We know how it can be difficult to open ports in your firewall for many reasons. The first one is a security one, nobody wants to open a hole to the production network. The second one can be practical, would you like to spend hours choosing which port to redirect to the real unit in the network? Ideally you want something effortless and without security breaches. That is reason behind the development of EdgeBots for Kybio. What you need from remote sites is access to the main Kybio server, with standard HTTPS connection. The system functions as a bridge between both locations.


Local data retention

You might have thought now "Why should I use this? A VPN connection does the job too". More than just remote connectivity - EdgeBots brings you robustness in your network monitoring infrastructure. EdgeBots embed a database and keep the data locally until it is completely synchronized in the Kybio Media. There is no need to worry if the link should go down between the EdgeBot and the main instance; as soon as the connection is up and running again, all data will be transferred as expected. Once the transfer is done, the data will be displayed in your Kybio interface, giving you the possibility to troubleshoot why this connection failure happened.


One link for many units and protocols

Contribution and Distribution networks are very complex and sensitive. Operation and maintenance are not easy and, in any case, monitoring shouldn't interfere with it. EdgeBots will help you manage your monitoring stream between the remote and the NOC, as one and only one link will be used for communication of data.


Easy and safe

EdgeBots provides you an easy and safe way to operate your monitoring in a remote infrastructure 
without the need of an IT expert and a neverending list of firewall rules. 


EdgeBots increase reliability of your monitoring data with local retention for ultimate reliability.


Decentralized Monitoring is the New Standard

A decentralized network architecture uses several machines to distribute the workloads, instead of one central server to rely on. Each of these light computing unit are working independently and interacts with each other to build the full power of the application. The result is a higher service availability across the entire network and allows to the system to continue operating in the case of node crashes.