Decentralized Monitoring As The New Standard


Decentralized monitoring is the new standard for overseeing networks. In this era of new technologies and intensive network usage across all industries, decentralized networks have become the standard in business environments. 

We offer a solution with Kybio and EdgeBots so users can securely monitor their decentralized network infrastructure.

What is a decentralized network architecture?

A decentralized network architecture uses several machines to distribute the workloads, instead of one central server to rely on. Each of these light computing units work independently and interact with each other to build the full power of the application. The result is a higher service availability across the entire network by enabling the system to continue operating in the case of node crashes.

In a decentralized network, all computation units rely on the same database in the central server. With Kybio, Edgebots are nodes of the central Kybio server with the mission to distribute the computation of the system within remote networks. All Edgebots rely on the same database but use their own mechanism for local data retention and synchronization.

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No single point of failure

One of the major advantages of using EdgeBots in a decentralized monitoring infrastructure is that there is no single point of failure. Each network - or part of the network - works independently to monitor the full scope, while each remaining completely independent from one another.
In big and complex infrastructures, the decentralized monitoring architecture will give you more performance than a centralized one. By using nodes, the computation power will be distributed around all probes, thereby freeing up computation for analysis of your monitoring data in the main server.
System scalability is also improved as it will be much easier to add a node rather than increase the computation capacity of the main server. Using EdgeBots will allow the effortless addition of new networks to your monitoring infrastructure, while keeping 100% availability of the main server and other nodes.


Full control of the bandwidth

With the help of EdgeBots in this type of decentralized architecture, each node can be throttled in terms of bandwidth. As said previously the connection between it and the main server is realtime and the user can reduce the maximum bandwidth allowed for each node across the network depending on needs - number of units, network criticality or simply bandwidth availability between both sites.
This configuration might be very important when considering QoS and QoE inside a network, and with the addition of more nodes to the network.


Monitor worldwide services with a decentralized Kybio architecture


Solve Your Communication & Scalability Challenges with EdgeBots


EdgeBots are software agents available on Windows, Mac, and Linux that provide advanced local monitoring and management capabilities. 

They enable local data aggregation and processing for increased communication efficiency and maximal security against data loss during communication disruption between sites. 

EdgeBots are the solution against difficult and time-consuming firewall configurations. Used at remote locations it provides a secure and easy-to-install solution for a unified monitoring solution across all your sites.

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