Professional Services

Project Deployment


From installation to configuration and commissioning, you are accompanied throughout all deployment phases of your network and infrastructure monitoring solution.



Since the best Monitoring solution is the one that is tailored to your specific needs, our DevOps team can assist you in fully customizing your platform.

Technical Support


A customer support hotline during office hours (standard) or 24/7 (premium) ensures questions are addressed immediately. Support options include access to software updates, driver creation, and technical assistance



Training is the key to successful projects. Connect Academy is there so you get the most out of our solution and the best support in meeting your business objectives.


Project Deployment*

Our network and infrastructure monitoring solutions are undoubtedly the simplest to install and deploy thanks to their open IT architecture, auto-configuration, and automated discovery. Customers can benefit from à la carte deployment services or benefit from a turnkey end-to-end deployment. All services can be done on-site or remotely.

  • Installation: Assistance installing on validated physical or virtual hosts - whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.
  • Configuration: Platform configuration to fit your particular network(s), drivers, and use. Includes initial setting, integration of third-party products and system interfaces, and platform personalization (report templates, maps and diagrams..).
  • Commissioning: Test & Review of system configuration before final acceptance testing. Coaching services also available during the go-live period.

​​​​Additional resources are available for large-scale or complex deployments including a Project Manager to coordinate resources and efforts for smooth deployments, and a Solution Architect during the project initiation to review and validate the overall solution architecutre and advise on important pre-requisites (topology, methodology...)

* Applicable for On-Premise offering.
For SaaS offering, our team remains at your disposal if you have any questions.



Our DevOps engineering team ensures you get the maximum out of your Connect solutions by guaranteeing these are perfectly tailored to your environment and specificities. Following an initial exploratory and feasibility study, our team is mobilized to assist you with any complex integration, migration, and development matters.

  • Legacy Data Migration: Ensuring critical data is properly transferred when transitioning from legacy platforms to our solutions.
  • Complex System Integration: When dealing with legacy products or equipment not natively compliant with standard protocols from the industry.
  • Custom Development: Our skilled DevOps engineers can develop custom features for your project to add to the existing module and feature sets of our platforms.


The Connect Academy consists of different training modules tailored for our customers, partners, and end-users. All courses meet different operational needs and are designed to transfer the skills and know-how necessary to achieve the optimal use of our solutions.

Build valuable new skills at the Connect Academy and help make your company the best at what it does.


A Connect instructor can train your team on-site or remotely.

We come to you or you come to us! We’re flexible to work with what’s best for you.

You can also train remotely via video conference


Two training programs tailored for different user profiles.

User Course:
How to operate and leverage modules?

Administrator Course:

  • General settings and maintenance
  • Advanced parameters
  • Customization


Want proof of your new expertise? Connect certifies trainees who have validated their new skills.

User Certificate

Administrator Certificate

Solutions Architect Certificate


Technical Support

Connect technical support includes a hotline as well as technical assistance, on-site or remotely, access to all software updates and the creation of drivers. Since we work continuously to enhance our solution with innovations centered on efficiency, simplicity, and security, we can assist customers with software add-ons or upgrades.

  • Software Updates
  • Office Hours (Standard) or 24/7 Hotline (Premium) ​​​​​​
  • Access To Online Resources (CRM/Ticketing, Wiki, Documentation)
  • Yearly Support Review & Upgrade Service (Premium Only)
  • Driver Creation Service (Premium Only)

What people are saying

“The WorldCast CONNECT team has been extremely helpful during the deployment and go-live period as they provided assistance when needed and were able to make small adjustments to the productquick to address some of the challenges met during the deployment."

Atanas Genov, CEO, Radio 1 Ltd.