The right system can help broadcasters offer high-quality service to their audiences, in the teeh of growing complexity.


Monitoring and control are vital aspects of any succesful businees. But, as ecosystems have grown, the task of managing them is increasingly more complex and urgent. Effective monitoring of rapidly evolving networks is crucial to success. Downtime involving blank screens or network outages leading to significant rebuffering are widely publicised, and the organisations involved suffer considerable reputational damage.

A good solution offers predictive intervention, identifying points of potential failure before the break, while also offering the key benefits of maximising equipment uptime. Thats's an especially important consideration, given the gloablly connected, 24/7 media environment. Media monitoring via a network management system (NMS) is a very competitive market, however. Companies looking to dpeloy a solution need to weigh up the pros and cons of different options, to arrive at the best fit for their own individual use cases.