As a packed year of sports draws to a close, Michael Burns talks to SVG Europe's Platinum, Gold, and Bronze sponsors about their recent projects, industry trends - including cloud IP, remote production and sustainability - and their plans for the future. 

Cyrus Uible, Solution Architect at WorldCast CONNECT shares his insights: “2022 has been an exciting year for the Kybio team here at WorldCast. As a reminder, we provide on-premises and cloud-based monitoring to the media and broadcast industries and have been particularly fortunate to be an integral part of the mobile broadcast team of an international racing company this season. We've also recently been chosen to monitor the outsourced master control facilities for a US sports network, becoming the chosen in-house monitoring tool for their master control provider. Monitoring the equipment and services that make sports happen is what we do.

Particularly exciting feature developments this year have also included our Umbrella technology for monitoring remote teams, Kybio self-monitoring, and enhanced visual screens that will now be built-in for some monitored equipment. We're continuing to make monitoring simpler as the underlying technology becomes more complex. For the next two quarters we are very excited to bring more service-based monitoring features online as well as automation tools for more advanced self-healing and automatic logic workflows. In addition, we are increasing the size of our driver library to bring more visibility more quickly to our customers.

In terms of technology trends that are shaping sports production workflows, it's still all about OTT and cloud-based services. Not as a stand-alone, but as part of an overall ecosystem of technologies that is itself constantly changing. Making everything simpler for both operations and engineering will be crucial in the coming years. Striving for more ‘hidden technology’ will have a larger impact on not just sports but the wider live production industry as a whole."

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