WorldCast Connect Manages Delivery Chain for Sports Broadcasting Clients

  1 ago. 2018

Sports Video Group - WorldCast ConnectThe Sports Video Group is pleased to welcome WorldCast Connect as a corporate sponsor. WorldCast Connect develops and commercializes the WorldCast Manager, an Enterprise Network Monitoring Solution (NMS) and Operation Support System (OSS) serving the broadcast, telecommunication, satellite, and cable industries.

The WorldCast Manager centralizes and unifies the monitoring and management of all connected devices across one or multiple networks, locally and across multiple locations. It is a multifaceted platform built to maximize the uptime and performance of IP-enabled equipment, in the most straightforward way possible. It provides real-time equipment status alerts, sends alarms and notifications, enables operational tracking, and provides insightful visual reports.

The significant demand for delivery of sports content continues to surpass expectations,” says Gary Cooper, USA and Canada Sales Manager. “With that comes the need for revolutionary advancements in IP technology across all platforms in which the sports video and broadcasting world not only exceeds, but advances. WorldCast Connect is the perfect partner for the Sports Video Group and the community it serves by advancing IP technology under one enterprise unified platform, the WorldCast Manager. In a fast-paced environment such as sports broadcasting, the WorldCast Manager is instrumental in ensuring each element of the delivery chain is performing adequately. WorldCast manages all the hits, runs, and errors you can deliver.

Thanks to its self-configuration engine, which includes an advanced auto-discovery function coupled with a large library of built-in drivers, the WorldCast Manager is extremely scalable and very easy to deploy. Connected equipment is typically monitored within a couple hours or even minutes of installation, regardless of the size and complexity of the network topology.

To further facilitate network monitoring, users benefit from an integrated ticketing module for easier task assignment and follow-up with advanced workflow capabilities for incident tracking and resolution.

All in all, the WorldCast Manager eases the maintenance of systems and lowers the total cost of ownership by providing insightful reports and enabling proactive decision-making at all company levels. To learn more about what WorldCast has to offer, check out their website