Kybio NMS enhanced for new levels of granularity, customization, and performance

Showcasing at NAB Centennial 2023


Bordeaux, France. March 2023 – At the NAB Centennial, WorldCast CONNECT will be showcasing many new features, including upcoming version 5.0 of Kybio. Each new feature is developed to provide users with extra control, more insights, and to improve efficiency and user experience. 


Taking hierarchical monitoring a step forward

Following the launch of the new umbrella (or hierarchical) feature for multi-layered infrastructure monitoring, it is now possible for users to monitor imported metrics from other Kybios. The umbrella system enables large and complex broadcast/media networks to oversee all their local sites, each equipped with their own Kybio, across a single view from their NOC. The top level Kybio oversees the state of the channel, across the entire network. Now, with the new metrics feature, NOC operators have more visibility on the operations of the network monitoring platform itself. 


Scaling up performance of the monitoring engine for more efficiency

Monitoring large and complex infrastructures requires an important cost in computing (CPU), which can have an impact on performance. Today, Kybio has been ramped up to operate in product-dense environments without any additional latency in data processing. Using Windows Services as an example, it is now possible for Kybio, using a single EdgeBot, to oversee 200+ WMI devices while maintaining the same performance. “Hats off to our developers in achieving this step forward in improving large infrastructure monitoring. This new capacity is tremendous in helping operations stay at the top of their game,” said Julien Libeau, Kybio Product Manager. 


Delivering a new & improved dashboard

When responsible for overseeing the optimal operations of media networks, often highly complex with multiple brands, services, devices, and more, users should not have to also handle a complicated dashboard. Offering a nice user experience is an important key factor of Kybio’s continuous improvements. With the v5 release, users will discover a dashboard that is visually clean, graphical, and customizable. They can choose what and how many different views they want to see in a single pane of glass. For example, they can simultaneously display the status of devices as well as a map with their geographical location. In addition to this, designing custom diagrams is made easier than ever – without ever leaving the Kybio interface.

Kybio V.5 - Dashboard
Kybio V.5 - User and Service views

Bringing more granularity for user and service views

Speaking of the dashboard, Kybio’s v5 brings a new level of granularity to monitoring - through further customization of dashboard views and in particular the organization by “service”. Users can now define to a much finer degree exactly what they want to monitor, and they can filter their views accordingly; for example, they can be defined by services such as media channels (a TV news channel or radio station) and then dive into details regarding that service - by product type, location…whatever matters most to the user. 


All of these enhancements have been developed to help media powerhouses and broadcasters achieve the best Total Cost of Ownership of their NMS and to stay ahead of operational challenges.

Available as an on-premise or SaaS license beginning at $4/device/month, users benefit from a straightforward pricing policy for licenses, drivers, and associated services.

Contact WorldCast CONNECT for more information on Kybio V5 or book a demo at NAB 2023 (booth W2321). 

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