Looking for the perfect monitoring platform that helps you stay ahead of any operational challenges? 

Kybio is an end-to-end, unified monitoring and control software (NMS) for media and broadcast that simplifies how you oversee all your IP equipment and infrastructures. 

Regardless of network size and complexity, Kybio centralizes your key data and provides, across an intuitive web interface, access to powerful insights and tools to streamline your operations. Open, scalable, and easy to deploy, Kybio provides a unique combination of built-in modules for real-time supervision, operation support, control, as well as an advanced analytics and reporting engine. 

Whether you're managing OTT, satellite, cable, telco, TV, radio, or live broadcast infrastructures, Kybio is a new generation monitoring software that helps ensure operational continuity and efficiency across the entire value chain - from media acquisition, production, and down to distribution in an increasingly digital and IP-based environment.

With Kybio, users are powered with the ultimate software platform that transforms their everyday monitoring and outperfoms expectations in terms of ease of deployment and scalability, ease of use, and comprehensible visualization.


Current version: 5.2



 Gain clear insights over your media infrastructure 

Monitoring networks

Simplifies Monitoring of Complex Networks

  • Collects & centralizes real-time data from multiple equipment and locations
  • Provides visual, easy-to-understand representation across customized, dynamic dashboards and diagrams
management equipments

Maximizes Equipment Uptime

  • Real-time alarms and notifications based on level of severity
  • Advanced analytics, root-cause analysis and time-based reporting engine enable proactive decision-making.
  • Automated and user-driven device control enables immediate corrective response
Fast NMS

Saves Time
for Operations

  • Autoconfiguration engine makes Kybio the fastest NMS to deploy
  • A set of OSS modules such as ticketing results in higher efficiency and time/cost-savings.

Provides Control over Total Cost of Ownership

  • Transparent pricing broken down into difference license sizes to fit any budget and any project.
  • Available as an on-premise or SaaS license

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Made for seamless integration into
all media IP ecosystems

vendor-agnostic NMS


Connect and monitor any device in an IP network, regardless of vendors and protocols.

Fast NMS

Fast, simple, scalable deployment

Deployment has never been as easy than with KYBIO and its automated discovery and recognition of devices, pre-configuration via the API.

Open driver NMS

Open driver policy

Our products library includes hundreds devices and is completely FREE. A product is missing? Create your own driver.

Intuitive NMS

Intuititive & user-friendly

Benefit from a responsive web interface compatible with mobile devices and customize your dashboard with geographical maps & dynamic diagrams.

Unified NMS

Unified view

Connect and monitor any device in an IP network, regardless of vendors and protocols.

Support NMS

Operation support & analytics

Comes with a number of built-in OSS modules such as notifications, ticketing, resolution tracking, and time-based reports.

Cloud-based NMS

Web-based client-server architecture

Accessible to any authorized user, even from mobile devices.

Data security NMS

Data security

Decentralized grid architecture (EdgeBots), secured communication exchange between nodes and client, encryption of passwords and secure protocols.

Adaptable NMS

Cloud, on-premise or hybrid hosting

KYBIO adapts to your prefered infrastructure: Cloud for high availibilty and easy implementation. On-Premise for full control and security. Hybrid to benefit from the advantages of On-Premise and Cloud architecture.

Adaptable NMS

Infrastructures of all sizes

From small to big infrastructures, KYBIO licenses are adaptable to meet your needs, with no compromise on features.


Key Features


Dynamic and multi-layered dashboard

Practical and visual geographic maps, floor plans and flow charts.

Visualize your network in real time with our built-in dynamic dashboards. KYBIO allows the users to create intuitive and friendly dashboards that consolidate the KPI from the monitored devices or services. Users can then customize the solution to their needs by integrating geographical maps, logical maps & schematics representative of their industries for easy visualization of network status. KYBIO also supports SVG diagrams and is compatible with leading flowchart & diagramming solutions, Microsoft Visio & CAD drawings.

Dynamic dashboard NMS
Advanced drivers and API NMS

Advanced drivers and API

Supports any device from any vendor.

Stacking of protocols for communication, control and management. Choose from a wide variety of protocols and even combine multiple protocols for even more efficiency in the management and control of their devices (e.g. basic monitoring through SNMP, provisioning over SOAP, control over ModBus TCP, etc.).
API enhances the interoperability with existing customer ecosystems. This API comes as a license add-on and enables advanced workflows and integration capabilities with enterprise grade systems (ERP, CRM, MAM/PAM, Workflow engines, etc.)


Real-time reading and historical data

Access to real-time and historical readings and events.

KYBIO aggregates in real-time & 24h/7 the raw data from your devices and services, provides you with an intuitive web application that shows all your Key Performance Indicators in a graphical and comprehensive view. In addition to the real-time information, the history of each KPI is stored in the database and can be reviewed at any moment via dynamic & graphical representations - days, weeks or months after being recorded.

Data NMS
Analytics NMS

Analytics and reporting engine

Data visualization with advanced filtering to enable decision-making at all levels.

The analytics is a powerful feature that automatically analyzes the alarms stored in the KYBIO database. Based on user templates, the system automatically calculates the SLA, downtime and fault statistics for a device, a site, a service, or the complete network. In addition, it also provides a correlation engine that drastically reduces the time-to-decision by simply tracking the origin of an event and highlighting dependencies on your services.


Alarms & Notifications Management

Filter and send notifications by e-mail, SMS, voice message. In app acknowledgment and tracking.

Receive a notification when KYBIO detects an error! When an alarm is triggered, KYBIO can automatically send an email, an SMS or even call the  relevant person to investigate and solve the issue. Managers fully configure the notification system to adapt it to their team requirement and devices as well as issue severities!

Notifications management NMS

Multiple Applications & Markets.
One Powerful NMS.








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Top Reasons Our Customers Choose Kybio

Kybio NMS

"I recommend Kybio as a very powerful tool for all broadcasters; it is very easy to use and gives users all the information they need for monitoring multiple sites."

- Mario Schoemitz, IT Business Manager -
ams Radio and MediaSolutions, Germany