Monitor worldwide services with a decentralized Kybio architecture


Availability is one of the most important factors to monitor within any broadcast environment. The availability criteria can concern country levels of an organization or englobe worldwide operations. It can be based on many parameters such as transmitters, satellite up/downlink, content distribution, etc. 

Here we will focus on another increasing worldwide demand: web applications. Over the past few years the industry has undergone a shift with a vast majority of Radio and TV content now consumed via web technology services. Today, these services are just as critical to monitor as the original broadcast environment.

In the case of website monitoring, the process must be approached as a service, as opposed to a hardware. This approach requires to oversee the correct operation of a service at several points of presence. For this website monitoring scenario, the points can be located on a country basis or built worldwide for a service available globally.

decentralized monitoring platform

Combined with our powerful Edgebots, Kybio enables users to benefit from a fully decentralized monitoring platform, with the flexibility it brings to monitor from any location. Below is an example of five points of presence to monitor the availability and health status of our website around the globe.

From each point of presence, Kybio monitors all website parameters including:

  • Uptime
  • HTTP return code
  • SSL certificate validity
  • DNS availability
  • HTTP response time - very useful to monitor that all assets are distributed over CDNs
  • Tracking of all response time measurements

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