Optimal monitoring of large and complex networks


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how Kybio can be integrated into large and complex hierarchical networks. We will look at the challenge of large TV and Radio networks to have local on-site monitoring on top of which sits a master Kybio to provide a global overview of every nested site on their network.

As an example, imagine a large TV network in the USA has a number of local sites for local studios and transmission; each siteis  managed by a network operation center at Washington headquarters.

The local stations can each monitor their own network, with their own, fully operational Kybio, including alarms, analytics, ticketing, etc. Then, with the master Kybio, the NOC has the ability to function as an umbrella system to oversee all local stations and the current state of the channel across the entire country..

This type of architecture is very common within large networks. Kybio aims to simplify monitoring for day-to-day operations by offering a very flexible and scalable architecture, including for multi-layer infrastructures. 

complex network monitoring

Kybio provides a global overview and a local view of your equipment

Top level users will have the ability to have a global overview of the network by seeing any device present on the network, site-by-site, allowing to take action when issues appear. While benefiting from all software features, the NOC will know the state of each site while having an operational view of the global channel. SLAs can be calculated independently, with precise insights of each level, for each local and central site.

The below screenshots represent this monitoring architecture with:

  • on the left the top level Kybio: here users have access to data related to all sites
  • on the right, the image shows a site in Tampa with local data and monitoring based on the local site.
dashboard kybio
dashboard kybio

This is just one example of the multiple architectures users can monitor with Kybio. Nested site or architectures have the possibility to use Kybio in other ways as well – such as ; sharing data between Kybio’s or even adding other Kybio’s to local sites.

Our goal today as a monitoring software company is to improve our customers monitoring efficiency, regardless of their infrastructure typology. The flexibility of Kybio deployments across any architecture is also enhanced by the powerful Edgebot that can be used at any level.

For hierarchical monitoring, Kybio is available as a hybrid solution with cloud and on-premise installation.

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