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Kybio is a monitoring and control platform for media and broadcast. It is designed to simplify and unify the supervision of even the most complex media ecosystem. It is an open, powerful, and highly user-friendly platform that provides an optimal combination of built-in modules for real-time monitoring, OSS, control, and reporting.


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  • Monitor up to 100 devices
  • Deploy up to 5 EdgeBots
  • Access to our open Drivers Library


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Case Studies


ams - Radio and MediaSolutions (Germany)

ams - Radio and MediaSolutions relies on KYBIO (previously known as WorldCast Manager) for advanced monitoring of radio broadcast equipment.
KYBIO improves workflow and simplifies monitoring for the entire team at ams.

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Sutro Tower Inc - oversees RF infrastructure with Kybio

In the context of the US Television repack program in 2019, Sutro Tower turned once again to CONNECT for an expansion and upgrade to the Kybio software. Kybio, a vendor-agnostic, open and centralized Monitoring & Control platform empowering businesses with real-time supervision of even the most complex ecosystems.


IPTV Head-End - Monitoring of content streaming workflow

IPTV services are highly popular for streaming content, whether it’s for home viewing or on a smartphone. Although there are many IPTV providers with similar or totally different content, they share one main objective: deliver the best quality of signal to their audience, across their several diffusion vectors.